Fly In A Bottle (2009)

Taking a look into the minds and lives of Medeski Martin & Wood, drummer/percussionist Billy Martin directed the first feature film in the band's history titled, Fly in a Bottle.

Working through a yearlong period of personal 16mm film and HD camcorder footage of MMW on the road and in the studio during their Radiolarians recordings, the film provides an extremely intimate portrait of the band. It highlights the trio's intricate relationships with eachother and with the music they have worked to create over 20 years as a band.

This DVD provides fans and critics unprecedented access to the band during their everyday lives as a band. It's real, raw and highly personal.

Release date: October 25th, 2011

MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD Fly In A Bottle (2009)
Produced and directed by Billy Martin
Edited by
Luke Augusta & Billy Martin
DVD NTSC all regions
87 mins + special features
anamorphic widescreen 1:85:1 English

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